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Demolition Man

Syclone/Typhoon Challenge

Syclone Introduction

GMC A-Team Van

Writing at Thesis on Product Placement?

1982 Auto Age Article - Cars on Camera: How Hollywood Helps Sales 



Past News Articles / Papers on Vista Group Product Placement

2010 MEDIA POST - Smart Car Offering National Lease Program

February 2009 - CAR AND DRIVER - Pay for Play: The Most Blatant Automotive Product Shills - Feature

2008 - Pharmaceutical Product Placement: Simply Script or Prescription for Trouble?

March 2007 - the sceptical futuryst - Brand Runner

July 2004 - ESPN - The ultimate game of endorsement

July 2004 - Syracuse University - Tethering the Viewer; Product Placement in Television and Film

March 2002 - BBC - Oscar presenters get 14,000 gifts

January 2002 - NY DAILY NEWS: Vista Group, Mercedes and Men in Black 2

Sept 2001 SAM magazine article

2001 LA Times article with Eric Dahlquist, Sr.

2000 Fordham University- Robin Andersen Paper - (some things in this are not accurate)

2000 Los Angeles Business Journal article featuring ED Sr

2000 Wall Street Journal article on Eric Dahlquist, Sr.

2000 LA Times article on Mercedes, Clint Eastwood and Tiger Woods

1998 Automobile Magazine article on Vista Group

1998 San Diego News Tribune article on Vista Group

1998 Times Picayune article features Eric Dahlquist, Sr.

1996 JD Power feature article on Vista Group

1996 Washington Post article featuring Vista Group

1993 New Yorker article featuring Vista Group

1993 Chicago Sun-Times article featuring Vista Group

1993 USA Today mention of Vista Group

1993 Los Angeles Times article mentioning Vista Group

1993 New York Times article featuring Vista Group

1991 Investor's Business Daily article quoting Vista Group







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